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Real estate industry is the leading industry of the national economy in our country, has a pivotal position in modern social economic life. After more than ten years of development, China's real estate industry is in the transitional period of the operation of the scale, brand, specification of the real estate industry growth mode are by the speed of lay particular stress on to pay attention to the benefits of scale and the change of market segmentation, from mainly rely on the government policy to rely on the market and enterprise itself the change of the pattern of adjustment.
Real estate industry is a typical capital-intensive industry, with a large investment, high risk, long cycle for a long time, supply chain and regional characteristics. Real estate industry informatization construction, must under the guidance of advanced management ideas and methods, starting from the characteristics of the real estate industry, meet the needs of the real estate industry development. We provide the following functions of recruitment services:

  • Sales & Market

  • Development & Technical Support

  • Purchase & Supply Chain

  • Operation && Management of Environment Health

  • Safety & Legal

  • Financial & Human Resources